Representation of Applicants and Proprietors of Industrial Property Rights before

the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO,

the European Patent Office EPO,

the European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO,

the German Patent and Trademark Office GPTO,

the German Federal Court of Justice,

the German Federal Patent Court.

Consulting in all matters concerning Industrial Property Rights, particularly obtaining, defending, attacking and enforcing Industrial Property Rights, particularly

Advice in intellectual property and development of intellectual property strategies

Advice with regard to and requesting protection for technical inventions by means of patents and utility models

Advice with regard to and requesting protection for marks by means of  trademarks

Advice with regard to and requesting protection for designs by means of registered designs

Advice with regard to and requesting protection for computer programs by means of copyright law and patents

Advice with regard to and preparing licensing contracts

Performing due diligence with regard to industrial property rights

Advice with regard to employee inventions

Conducting searches for patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs

Preparing expert Opinions with regard to industrial property rights

Management of industrial property rights

Preparing translations of industrial property rights


Technical Specialist Fields

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, particularly

Electronics, electronic devices, integrated circuits (VLSI technology)
Analog and digital circuits, circuit design, hardware description languages
Information technology and telecommunications, particularly intelligent networks, voice-over-IP, telecommunications services
Telecommunications engineering, digital and analog transmission technology such as DSL
Mobile radio communications, particularly GSM, UMTS and LTE, RF front ends for base stations
Medical engineering, particularly medical electronics
Navigation technology, particularly Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Processing of Navigation signals
Electronic measurement and test technology, particularly measurement and verification of jitter in high-speed digital communication systems
Computer-controlled lighting systems, particularly system management and control as well as user interfaces
Occupants safety systems, particularly control units, sensors and crash algorithms
Automobile electrical and electronic systems, particularly motor control systems
Driving Assistance Systems, particularly sensors and algorithms for driving assistance systems

Computer Science, particularly

Technical informatics, computer technology and architectures, microprocessor technology, microcomputer systems
Software engineering, program design, algorithms, operating systems, application software
Computer networks, network technology and protocols, Ethernet, Internet
Computer-implemented Business Methods
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, particularly

Technical mechanics
Mechanical engineering and precision machining
Automobile technology, particularly compressor and transmission technology
Systems engineering, particularly for wet chemical processing of semiconductors and solar modules
Materials science
Turbine technology, particularly gas turbine technology
Space transportation technology
Medical technology, particularly osteosynthesis implants
Swimming pool and thermal engineering

Physics, particularly

Instrumentation and sensor technology
Semiconductor technology
Laser technology
Optics, particularly optical transmission technology and optoelectronics
Micro system circuitry